Mobile robots

Mobile robots are autonomous mobile devices that can move and act independently in their environment.

Robotec Solutions AG creates your personal solution along with mobile robots for maximum efficiency of production lines. The great advantage of mobile robots is the reduction of machine downtime, the increase of throughput and the prevention of errors. On top of that, by connecting to a IoT "Internet of Things" gateway, material traceability can be ensured. What's more, the autonomous little helpers support employees in handling complex tasks that require a lot of concentration. The new models also have the special feature of being able to orient themselves in the spatial environment of the production using laser technology and thus without magnetic strips on the floor.

With our strong and long-standing partnership with Omron, we can offer quality products with spare parts guarantee. We offer the mobile robots listed below for integration into your plant. However, as a tailor made machine builder, we also supply special solutions as needed. To the case.

Feasibility study / Rent

The use of new technology is always a cost factor. To help you weigh up the cost-benefit ratio, we offer feasibility studies and rent out various mobile robots. 

Mobile robot
○ Mobile robot SRX III or SRX VIII for two weeks
○ One day commissioning
○ Simple point-to-point operation

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The mobile robots strengthen us in the fields of logistics, medical technology and luxury goods industry. Through the close partnership, you benefit from a guarantee of high-quality robots, the knowledge of projects which have already been realized and the latest technologies, as well as efficiency in the implementation of your customized solutions.



SRX I - The starter kit as a basis

○ Load capacity: 90 kg
○ Battery charging station
○ navigation software



SRX - 250 - I

○ Load capacity: 250 kg
○ Battery charging station
○ Navigation software


SRX - 1500 - I

○ Load capacity: 1500 kg
○ Battery charging station
○ Navigation software



SRX III - The pack transporter

○ Starter kit from SRX I
+ Conveyor system for boxes
+ Interface to the transfer station
+ Transfer height 800 mm



SRX VI - The Cabinet Transporter

○ Starter kit from SRX I
+ Cabinet structure with different levels
+ Side scanner for maximum security
+ Optional with doors, lockable



SRX VIII - The pack transporter

○ Starter kit from SRX I
+ Conveyor system for boxes
+ With lift for height compensation
+ Transfer height 600 - 1000 mm




○ Suitable for SRX III and VIII

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