Machine Vision System

Vision systems are image processing tools for quality inspection, localization of parts, completeness check and classification. The industrial vision system is capable of inspecting hundreds or even thousands of parts per minute.

It detects details that are invisible to the human eye and eliminates the need for physical contact with the inspected parts. This guarantees high production quality, with constant 3-shift operation and a relief for workers in repetitive tasks.

As a certified partner of the leading manufacturer Cognex, we guarantee solutions with the highest quality and durability.

Feasibility study

The use of new technology is always associated with risks. In order to confirm the feasibility and to estimate the cost-benefit ratio, we offer feasibility studies.

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How does a machine-vision system work? The system captures production parts with a camera and detects the information needed with the right lens and light set up. The images are fed into application-specific software and are processed. The resulting algorithm then makes the decision.

We focus on the following applications:

○  Quality inspection (surface 2D / 3D)
○  Localization of parts
○  Completeness check
○  Classification (bar code, recognition of parts)


We are a certified partner of the international company Cognex Corporations - the world's leading supplier of image processing technology. A close exchange of knowledge allows the strengths of both companies to join together. This way we guarantee to our customer the newest technology with the highest production efficiency.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a machine learning method. By feeding classified good and bad images, the Deep Learning camera itself calculates a recognition algorithm. This allows complex and complicated applications to be easily implemented. CASE

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