Industrial robots - the future of the manufacturing industry

Industrial robots are sophisticated machines designed specifically for use in industrial production environments. They are autonomous and programmable, which means they can perform various tasks. These robots are usually equipped with sensors and advanced technology to perform precise and efficient tasks in manufacturing processes.

Robot possibilities

Precise assembly

Industrial robots ensure precise component assembly for better quality and consistency.

Quality control

With vision systems, they immediately and reliably detect defects and minimize scrap.

Packaging and palletizing

Robots optimize shipping processes through efficient packaging and palletizing.

And much more.

Robot solutions

Increased efficiency

By reducing downtime, so production processes can be optimized.


Industrial robots reduce the risk of industrial accidents by taking over dangerous tasks in risky environments.


Our individual solutions master tasks in different industries and are flexibly adaptable.
And much more.​​​​​​​

Application examples

Medical technology

Pick-and-place, filling, safety monitoring, etc. CASE

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

High cycle time, easy cleanability, traceability Risk analysis and safety check etc. CASE

Electronic industry

Assembly, infeed and outfeed, sorting, positioning etc. CASE

And many more.

Our suppliers

To reliably implement your industrial solution, we rely on the high quality of industrial robots from Fanuc Switzerland GmbH and Stäubli AG.

They offer the world's largest range of products for a wide variety of applications and industries - from the smallest to the most powerful robots. With a payload from the gram range up to 2.3 tons and a reach of up to 4.7 meters - so even demanding automation can be realized.


Your partner for competent automation

At Robotec Solutions, we are proud to offer industrial robot solutions that are at the highest technological level.

Contact us today! And learn now how we can make your production more efficient, too. Your trusted source for industrial robot solutions is here to help.

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