Welcome Lars Huwiler: The Young Woodworks Wizard

Welcome Lars Huwiler: The Young Woodworks Wizard!

A few weeks ago Lars Huwiler from Lucerne started his apprenticeship as an automation technician EFZ with us. In his free time he is enthusiastic about unihockey, biking and innovative wood projects.

His passion for woodworking began through his father's hobby room laid out for woodworking. He expanded those skills by adding electronics to his woodwork and created moveable wooden objects. His latest project is a 30 cm tall wooden robot that he plans to increase to 1 meter with a powerful motor, circuit planning and material selection. With this he deserves the name Young Woodworks Wizard! 🙌

We are very happy that Lars enriches our team and wish him all the best from the bottom of our hearts.

Robotec Solutions Team 🤖

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