Time is flying - it's almost the end of the year again

Time is flying - it's almost the end of the year again. We look back on a fully packed exciting year with many new projects, new helping Robotec hands, important decisions and exciting customers. Starting with big projects in the pharmaceutical industry, luxury goods industry to general-industry, the start of the new building, the OPEN HOUSE and much more.

It was a year of big decisions, but not only for us. The number of project requests increased particularly strongly this year. The interest in automation with robots has reached the majority. Many companies across all industries are intensively dealing with this future-oriented topic. Not only the big companies but also the SME’s are taking off!

For this reason, we were also faced with major decisions. In order to realize the orders with the usual high quality, we decided for the extension of the internal software engineering, the change to a new ERP system, the doubling of the apprenticeship places and to guarantee everything from one source: the doubling of the production area.

However, such big decisions cannot be mastered without a competent and strong team. We appreciate the team spirit very much and would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you: Many thanks to our team! Many thanks to our strong partners and of course many thanks to our customers!

We let this year go without regrets, because together we have brought out the best and can welcome the year 2023 full of motivation.

We wish you happy holidays and see you next year.


Your Robotec Team 🤖

+41 62 775 90 00

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