The key to success - Here you can take that literally

The key to success - Here you can take that literally.

The key manufacturer Halter Frutigen AG turned to us to realize a individual robot automation solution together. The goal was to minimize downtime of the milling machine with a new system, to increase ergonomics and safety of the cell, and to optimize handling and efficiency.

We achieved the given cycletime increase in the production of coded keys on the CNC milling machine with an industrial robot, 2 rotary indexing tables, a double gripper with blow-off function and positioning fixture. By customizing the robot gripper, we were able to make the movements of the robot run faster and smoother in order to decrease the changeover time.

Adapted to the specific need, the order command in this cell is made by the customer's MES system. The order is sent to the CNC milling machine and then to the robot. The key orientation and the type selection are realized by Robotec Solutions.

When the machine is loaded, an autonomy of one day can be achieved and our customer can produce thousands of keys within 24 hours.

Our customer is very happy with the result - so are we.


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