Welcome Jamie Dubs - the inventor

Welcome Jamie Dubs - the inventor

In the summer of 2022, Jamie Dubs from Aarau started his apprenticeship with us as an designer EFZ. He spent the first two months in the ÜK, the inter-company course at the Libs in Baden, together with 28 other apprentices from the Canton of Aargau. There Jamie learned the basics of his profession and used his new knowledge to create technical drawings by hand.

At one time, Jamie wanted to be an inventor. Through the help of his father and the career counseling service ask! he found his way to become a mechanical designer and in that way also to us.

He looked at other apprenticeships previously, but at Robotec «he has more variety, because here something gets designed, manufactured and then usually something new already comes, plus the team is super nice.»

In addition to his favorite subject, mathematics, at the district school in Aarau, he liked the free subjects physics and chemistry, in which he was allowed to realize practical implementations to the theoretical lessons.

Jamie finds balance in his free time in the summer by canoeing on the river in Aarau, printing interesting parts with his 3D printer, or taking off with his model airplanes or with his drone.

We are very happy that Jamie enriches our team and we wish him all the best.

Robotec Family 🤖

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