Fanuc Robodrill - the perfection of robotic automation

Robotec Solutions AG was requested by a renowned watch manufacturer, to load and unload intricate precision machined parts of the highest quality with a Fanuc Robodrill D21MiA5. In order to make full use of the potential of the production machine, which amongst other aspects required increasing autonomy and reducing production times, it was decided the system should be completely automated.

The targets were clearly stipulated, with priority being given to raising quality at constant or even reduced production costs. To achieve this ambitious target, the processes to be integrated were intensively examined under the microscope.

It was necessary to carry out the following processes in this integrated solution:

  • Fetching the base supports with milled bridge out of baskets
  • Placing the parts on a gripper station
  • Blowing off the finished parts and checking the prefabricated parts for loading
  • Removing the finished parts as well as the scrap, locating the new parts for processing
  • Checking the milled parts and disposing of the scrapped part
  • Checking the finished parts and depositing in predefined individual storage systems

Robotec Solution AG, based in Seon, took on this challenge and chose an automated robot cell due to the multiplicity of tasks.

This compact system is now operating 24 hours round the clock, which the customer finds impressive and is very satisfied with. The robot cell supplied by Robotec Solution AG is yet another small cog in the watch industry, which further keeps the "watchmaker" at the leading edge.

Construction of cell at the Robotec Solutions AG.



Compact design to save as much space as possible.



Multiple gripping technology to load and unload at the same time.



Robot M-10iA for loading and unloading of Yerly feed.



The unloaded parts are inspected and then stored.


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