Three new experts in the Robotec team

Three new experts have been part of the Robotec team since the beginning of May 2024: Stefan Hänseler, Marcel Bucher and Marc Wöltinger will be supporting us with their expertise in future. 

Finding new talent for a company can be a challenge in times of a shortage of skilled workers. We are therefore all the more pleased that we were able to successfully fill three positions with the right experts. In the picture from left:  

  • Stefan Hänseler, Head of Control & Software Engineering
  • Marcel Bucher, Project Management & Software Engineering
  • Marc Wöltinger, Head of Marketing & Communication 

Stefan Hänseler is one of our first employees to return to the company. The experienced specialist in robotics and automation technology is now Head of Control & Software Engineering and will support our CEO Nick Koch as Deputy Managing Director.

Marcel Bucher is also strengthening the Control & Software Engineering division. With his background as an electrician and several years of experience in one of Switzerland's largest building technology companies, Marcel brings valuable practical knowledge to the role.

Coming from the agency world, Marc Wöltinger is now in charge of our marketing and communication activities. After more than 20 years in journalism, advertising and brand management, Marc is really looking forward to the change of perspective and wants to help further consolidate Robotec Solutions' good reputation and make it known to the right stakeholders.

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